Ashleigh Carr



My Talents and Abilities

Front End Design

Due to my experience with a large range of services from simple SPAs, to complex CMS and data management tools, I have come to learn how to design an efficient, attractive, but easy to use interface that suits the purpose of the project.


I strive to keep up to date with the latest capabilities, calling upon the features offered and adhering to the latest standards. I extend this skillset by using tools such as Bootstrap, Foundation, SASS/LESS and NodeJS.

Angular 4 (TS)

Angular 4 (TS)

My recent workings with Angular 4 (AngularJS > Angular 2 at the time) have enabled me to create complex SPAs, leveraging many features including dependancy injection, two-way binding, and TypeScript’s OOP capabilities, to name a few.


A long-standing and powerful framework, my experience with legacy ASP.NET WebForms, MVC, and ASP.NET Core allows me to create powerful server-side solutions, with my knowledge of C# providing transferrable skills to the likes of WinForms, WPF, and UWP.

Web API / OData

In my later works, utilising Web API and/or OData grants the ability to expose a backend as a service, which enables multiple clients across any platform that supports the api.


Well versed in MSSQL/T-SQL with exposure to MySQL, I have experience in designing and managing databases that provide the storage means for powerful applications requiring complex relational data and queries.

Infrastructure / Client Support

With extensive experience supporting enterprise-class environments, I am able to assist in the aquisition, management, and support of both hardware and software for the office environment. This goes beyond printers and computers, to network hardware and topology, web hosting, domain services, exchange, back ups, and more.

Desktop / User Support

Equally as experienced with end-user support, I have obtained finely-tuned comminucation skills throughout my previous roles supporting 10’s of thousands in a wide range of environments. Coupled with my technical knoweldge, these soft skills enable me to excel at a variety of tasks, ranging from training to supporting end-users.

Hobbies & Interests

Things that I like


Once I was able to drive at 17, I discovered a new interest for cars. Over time, I’ve come to learn the basics of mechanic work and have performed extensive work on my own summer runabout. I find that the logical, procedural approach to working on a vehicle mirrors the mindset needed for my work, meaning I’m right at home.

Green Technology

As the world is changing, and the price of energy increases, I’ve come to learn a great deal about green technology and the exciting developments going on right now. My goal is to install solar panels and a battery at my home to be completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity, and help charge my car for free!

Audio Production

My skills and lifelong passion for music production and the technologies surrounding mean that I enjoy playing Guitar/Piano and recreating my favorite songs in my spare time. This hobby has come in useful a few times in the work environment, creating backing tracks for videos, or jingles, or simple audio (and video) conversion.

3D Modelling / Printing

Going back to when I used to modify my video games as a teenager, I started branching back out in to the world of 3D. This time, I’m creating objects with accuracy and precision using Fusion 360, ready for 3D printing. I’m excited about the types of things that can be printed, the problems they can solve, and the potential for expansion 3D printing offers.

Making / DIY

Recently I’ve been captivated by YouTube videos created by extremely talented engineers, artists, and hobbyists creating anything from furniture, to Arduino-powered self-watering gardens, to convincing replica Light Sabres. I’m hoping to kit out my garage with some basic tools and equipment to get in to creating myself.


My Story

  • Apr '16 - Now

    TwoHouses - Lead Developer / IT Director

    I chose to pursue a new challenge and fantastic opporunity at a significantly smaller start-up company. Here, I have a dual purpose: Lead Developer, and IT Director. My previous exerience in support made me a choice candidate for looking after the relatively small IT systems at the business, whilst my experience across a range of different projects and wide range of development skills awarded me with a position of Lead Developer. This role sees me overseeing our projects – with an emphasis on customer relations – whilst still getting stuck-in with coding.

  • Apr '14 - Apr '16

    Application Developer - RBS

    During my time at RDS, I lead a small team who specialised in support Assitive Technology Users. More and more of my time was spent developing solutions to streamline processes and improve the service we offered until I was successful in becoming a full time developer. Here, I developed several new solutions ranging from Desktop Applications to Web-based solutions. During this time I accrued an enormous amount of industry experience by becoming heavily involved in the Project Management process, assisting at all points of end-to-end journey of our projects.

  • Feb '11 - Apr '14

    Remote Desktop Support - RBS

    Starting as an analyst in 2011, I quickly moved up the ranks within the ServiceDesk to become one of the youngest Senior Analysts. Here I began creating scripted tools to improve the service I offered, which were later adopted by the entire Service Desk. In May 2013, I was successful in my promotion to RDS (second level) and became the youngest member of the team.

  • Sep '10 - Feb '11

    Zenos IT Academy

    Rather than pursue university, I completed several diplomas relating to IT Support, as well as gained CompTIA A+, N+, Server+, and MCITP Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support. I also won Apprentice of the year, and Best CompTIA apprentice in the UK. This was a huge help in finding my first job.

  • < 2010

    Starting early

    I have always had a passion for technology, and was producing websites for friends of the family even in my teens. Back then, Flash was a big thing, and I spent a fair amount of time making eye-catching, animated components for websites.